Find Out Which Apps Are Draining Your iPhone's Battery


Just one thing that all iPhone users hate to see on their screens.

"My phone's battery dies so quickly!" are words that probably each and every one of us have spoken once in our lives. The unfortunate ones have spoken it multiple times, when their reliable smartphones run out of battery when they need it most. There are only a few solutions to this. Perhaps it is your battery that is becoming a bit old, and needs to be replaced. This is a relatively inexpensive procedure, usually not costing more than $50 to do at your local repair shop. Or, you can prevent the drain from even happening by keeping a closer eye on what's causing your battery to die constantly.

If this is something that's really becoming a problem, you may want to take a minute and take a look at what exactly it is that's draining your battery so quickly.

If you have an iPhone, here's how to do that:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Battery and tap it.
  3. Wait for the battery usage information to load.

Note: this feature is only available on iPhones that have been updated to iOS 8 or newer.

By keeping an eye on this handy little feature, you'll know where exactly your iPhone battery seems to be evaporating away to. Perhaps it's the constant refreshing of your Facebook news feed ("Ooh! New stories!"), or it's keeping up with everyone's latest stories on Snapchat. Either way, this will help you make the proper adjustments to make sure that this doesn't become a bigger problem and that you'll always have battery when you need it.

Bonus tip: Low Power Mode is a true lifesaver and can pull your battery through to the end if you really need it. If you're in need off a really long push, put your phone into Airplane Mode - your phone may lose pretty much no battery when it's in this setting.


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