Unable to download apps from Google Play Store? Here are 6 Steps to help solve this problem!

There are instances when downloading apps from the Google Play Store seems to be an issue. It's a common problem among Android users. Some of the issues you may encounter are; phone freezing, apps unable to download, phone shutting down, or the Play Store app crashing. 

Here are six steps you could take to tackle this issue:

  1. Restarting the phone

Restarting your phone when you have a problem is always an excellent 1st step to take. Start by restarting your phone, Press the power button on the phone for a few seconds -> Press restart, once restarted, re-download the app.

  1. Check Connectivity

Your phone may have difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi or Data, which is another issue with android phones. Try switching to another Wi-Fi connection and check to see your data usage isn't maxed out. Head to Settings -> Connections -> Data Usage

  1. Clean up the cache from the Play Store app

Head to settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store app -> Click clear cache (For older android versions after clicking the app, press storage -> clear cache) -> Restart phone

  1. Updates

Check to see that your phone and the Google Play Store app are up-to-date on the latest software. Not having the necessary software updates could hinder the downloading process. Head to Settings -> Software Update -> click Download Updates Automatically 

  1. Free up Phone Storage

Having sufficient space on the device is needed when downloading apps or updates. To check your storage space, head to Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Storage. To clean up the files, click on Apps from the main screen -> Tools -> Files -> Internal or External Storage 


  1. Factory Reset

If all fails, the last option would be to Factory reset the phone. It is the last resort, as it means all files will be deleted on the phone. Head to Settings -> General Management (Samsung) or System (Android/Pixel One) -> click Reset -> Erase all data or Factory reset -> Enter Pin -> Delete all


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